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Today Stephen Wolfram presented his newest service ImageIdentify – an image identification search engine. As the name suggests it helps you identify an image. Now, while reverse image search isn’t anything new, we’ve been using services like Google Image Search and TinEye for some time now, the interpretation of an image is certainly something that’s worth our attention.

What is ImageIdentify

With ImageIdentify you can now upload an image and ask “What is this picture of?” and the service delivers an answer. Well, sorta. You can tell that it’s still a young service. Sometimes it will provide you with a description that will leave you scratching your head, like in this example:

Failed image identification

But most of the time it’ll provide a correct answer and you’ll be able to learn something new:

Successful image identification - Blue jay

Successful image identification - Double bass

Image identification search

Image identification search is truly exciting. Some applications are quite obvious: from helping kids in school to making scientists’ life much easier. But I’m really looking forward to see the new ways of using this technology by creative people on the internet.

For Mr. Wolfram this project was a long wait. On his blog he states that he has had this idea of an image identification search in his mind for over 40 years. This is a really outstanding project. It took a lot of work, deep understanding of machine learning and neural networks, and a lot of very smart people working diligently to ensure it sees a light of day.

Mr. Wolfram says:

Something like ImageIdentify will never truly be finished.

ImageIdentify is being progressively enhanced, especially with training data derived from feedback given by users of this site. (Thank you!)

I hope he and his team continue their wonderful work developing this project and similar amazing projects for a long long time in the future.

Check out ImageIdentify and be sure to contribute by giving them your feedback!

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