Let me start with few notes about me: I’m a husband, a father and I own a cat. Love my beautiful family and they mean the world to me! That’s where the truth of life lies, I believe. You can be successful at what you do, but you need someone to share it with. Sometimes you fail at stuff and you need someone to support you and motivate you. That and a lot of stuff in between is why family matters. Well, at least to me.

I started poking around this internet stuff way back in 1999. Back when wap on your mobile phone was the thing. Building web pages, analyzing them, testing out new technologies, oh man, that was what really excited me! Soon enough I realized that web pages aren’t supposed to be just pretty. They need to be pretty to most users, but above all they need to be informative. Testing out designs, focusing on UX, building cool and informative content… that approach really payed off. People started visiting clients’ websites and it simply put a smile to my face. At that point I started thinking about speeding up the process of new visitors. Enter SEO. And a bit later social media.

You see, it was an evolution, an organic growth. Skills I acquired, I acquired because I needed them. I needed them to provide a better product to my clients. And what makes my clients happy, makes me happy.

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